Give Your Online Store a Makeover for Better UX and Online Conversion

What is UX and what is its role in an online store?

UX is an eCommerce acronym for the overall user experience visiting your site from start to finish. It is the SI unit for how easy and enjoyable it is for visitors to navigate your store, find what they are looking for and make a purchase.  According ot the founder of Twitter, Evan Williams “”UX is everything and has always been, but it is undervalued and under invested in.”

 There is much truth in the above quote because online stores spend a small fortune on Facebook ads, product research and design, yet fail to accord UX the value and investment that it deserves in respect to return on investment (ROI).This lack of realization has an adverse effect on your visitors, customers, and your bottom line.

If you are not optimizing your eCommerce UX yet, then you are playing on a lopsided field with your competitors having the unfair advantage because they are optimizing their UX. Whereas design is important and contributes greatly to site aesthetics, it should not be overrated and lead to missing other important aspects of a great user experience.

UX is data and customer driven and focused on helping customers achieve their goals. Using basic aspects of eCommerce UX address the below questions;

  • Does the site load fast enough?
  • Is the sight easy to navigate?
  • Is the site responsive and enjoyable on mobile devices?
  • Is the copy simple, specific and clear?
  • Have unnecessary steps been removed?

The most impactful approach in making over an online business for better UX and online conversion is,

Prioritize function above all else

The below bulleted trends are popular because they tend to look nice, but they always don’t function well due to quality of implementation

  • Automatic image sliders; are poor performers, slow to load and serve as distraction to the shopper
  • Video backgrounds; slow load times and serve as a distraction to the shopper
  • Parallax scrolling; is often implemented poorly and unnecessarily
  • Ghost buttons; are often un-clickable and missed by the shopper.

So if the above feature prominently on your sites it is of little wonder your conversion is much lower but can be raised by making your site functional by removing the fluffy staff and keeping those elements that add to the bottom line.


 As far as eCommerce UX is concerned, we can borrow a leaf from sites like Google, Amazon and Airbnb. They may not be the prettiest or the most creative, but they sell merciless astronomical numbers because they are practical in functionality with amazing, uncomplicated near child like user experience.

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