Capture Your Share of Shoppers by Getting Your Online Store Ready for Buyers

Holidays are joyful times for families and friends celebrated in numerous ways across the globe.  But one hallmark that has remained constant over the years is the spike in shopping activities during this period. It so pronounced that retail stores have to make sure their inventory is stacked to the brim to keep up with unusual levels of demand common experienced only during this times of year.

It is said that people tend to spend 30 times higher during the festive season than any other time of the year. More than ever, a fair share of this spending is now leaning towards eCommerce. So if your business is online, you want to position your online store in terms of awareness, inventory, and irresistible offers in order to entice and maximize sales and reap the maximum profits from the anticipated spike.

Online stores seem to launch a lot of marketing campaigns in order to be poised and ready to reap from the opportunities presented by black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and every other holiday in between.

Some of these campaigns rake in sizable profits while others are a flop. Here are three actionable and easy to apply ideas that can prepare your online store for better conversion during the festive season.


With the holiday cheer in the air you can attract traffic and set the tone for your site by giving away as much as you possibly can for free. Alternatively, you can give away samplers, free membership, two for one offers and any other reward based incentive.

Freebies are a remarkable marketing tool because not only are they almost irresistible, they are a great way to introduce your must have products to shoppers while inducing them to buy more.  They are also an effective way to improve people’s perception of your business: give a little to get a lot.

Have creative campaigns

Your offers need to stand out from the crowd. What makes shoppers choose you over your competitors might be the creativity and effort spend on your campaign. You can create a combo for your store which is a win-win situation for both you and the shopper.

You increase average order value and boost revenue while the customers can save money by buying items they need together.

Film an exciting and fun holiday video

If you are creative enough, a fun holiday themed video content can be a game changer as it has the potential to bring you massive results due to current trendy nature of video, organic reach and viral effect.

This can not only generate traffic to your site but also increase conversion especially if the video is thoughtful and catchy enough to resonate with the festive buyer persona.


With some actionable ideas like the above, there is no reason why your online store should not attract more traffic and boost sales during the festive season.

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