Most business owners use lots of effort, time, and money to set up e-commerce platforms. They later initiate rigorous marketing campaigns to send tons of traffic to their stores but end up not making any money online. The problem is they abide by one formula: traffic equals to conversions. The truth is visitors or subscribers to your online platform will not automatically buy your goods or services. There are a couple of steps to take so as to optimize your site for you to realize these conversions. Happily, we've laid out the specific elements to initiate on your e-commerce store for organic traffic that will lead to high conversions:

Optimize your online store for search engines to drive organic traffic

Statistically, websites that appear first in Google search results get 50 percent more traffic than the second. Therefore, being on the second page of Google won't do your store any favors. People search for products online using specific keywords. For example, a customer looking to buy running shoes will most likely type out the keyword ‘'the best running shoes for men'' in the Google search bar. He will then see a list of all search results. The customer will most likely browse query results on the first page. So imagine if your site were ranking first, this would be much more advantageous as it would certainly lead to traffic and a near guarantee of a sale. This aspect underscores the importance of optimizing your site for search engines.

To optimize your store, start with basics, for instance, for each item you sell, add a Meta title, Meta description and Meta keyword that people looking for your product are likely to type out in the search bar. Invest in keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Amazon Suggest. This way, you'll be driving organic traffic that is more likely to convert, rather than rely on a solicited ton of traffic that may never convert.

Perform regular testing for your e-commerce store

Without setting a benchmark, it's almost impossible to boost your conversions. Regular site testing lets you track your performance and keeps you updated on your overall marketing strategies moving forward. Google Analytics is the best tool to perform site testing. Start by identifying your top pages, which should serve as a benchmark for your analysis. Then, pinpoint areas on your online store where customers mostly exist. Identify what is missing in the low performing pages against high performing pages. With this analysis, you can determine the area of your site that needs the most attention. Use the collected data to improve pages on your online platform, while tracking traffic and flow of users. Utilize the A/B testing to filter your strategies whenever possible.

Market your products through social media

Ten years ago, you would go through a hassle to get your products known by the public. The only options were the traditional radio and television, which were relatively expensive. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest offer comprehensive exposure and the greatest possibilities to sell online. The numbers are impressive, according to statistics; over 2.1 billion people use social media today. So any online merchant not using social media in this day and age is missing out on a fabulous opportunity to attract traffic and conversions to their business online.

Make your store more visual than text oriented

The trend has significantly shifted from the traditional block of text to broken up text with visual images. In fact, today if you incorporate the block of text technique on your website, your visitors will flee your site faster than they came. Broken up text with visual images enhances the readability of the content and keeps your site visitors engaged. This could make a huge difference regarding your overall conversation rate. While incorporating images can make your content digestible and minimize your bounce rate, they must be high resolution and must serve a purpose. Make sure to keep these images extremely relevant, meaning you have to determine upfront whether the portion of text deserves an image.


There is a ton of elements you need to incorporate in your e-commerce store to guarantee stable traffic and conversions. The outlined aspects above are bare essentials for any e-commerce merchant that wants to direct more traffic and bolster conversions.

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